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Profit From Our Experience - ”Our core competencies in residual value analysis
and lease end management help mitigate the two
most challenging risks associated with automotive
leasing.” Jim Calvert, CEO

Our Team - leadership. experience. diversity - The management team at Fusion Auto Finance brings together a combined level of leadership experience, diversity and leasing innovation second to none in the automotive leasing industry. Our experience spans decades in all aspects of operations, analysis, strategic planning, and marketing. Fusion is built on a solid foundation of nearly a decade of lease-end remarketing experience by EndTrust Lease End Services. This enables us to provide the most well developed lease program available. Jim Calvert, CEO, jcalvert@fusionautofinance.com - Don Porter, President, dporter@fusionautofinance.com - Sam Smith, Business Development Director, ssmith@fusionautofinance.com - Chris Meagher, Director of Sales, cmeagher@fusionautofinance.com - Mike Bartosh, CIO, mbartosh@fusionautofinance.com

Fusion Auto Finance, 210 Airport Freeway
Bedford, TX 76022
Phone: 866.870.8015
Fax: 817.590.8866

Our Product - profitability. innovation. service - Fusion Auto Finance provides a turn-key lease program called The Full Circle Lease. Key benefits of The Full Circle Lease are:
• Fusion accepts all residual value risk for the leases, lenders are guaranteed the full residual values at lease-end
• Marketing through Fusion’s dealership network and direct sales channels to increase loan volume
• Innovative, educated lease program development
• Customer friendly “No Suprises” excess wear and tear test
• Residual value insurance from a market leader in residual value insurance
• GAP Insurance
• Comprehensive lease-end vehicle remarketing program

Opportunity - There is a need in the automotive lending market for
a lease product that is customer and dealership friendly, yet financially astute for the lender. The Full Circle Lease program from Fusion Auto Finance fills this void with the promise of being the most profitable, low risk leasing program on the market today. Dealerships. The Full Circle Lease is the finance product that puts your customer in the most car for their money, while funding your dealership competitively. On our targeted vehicles, the monthly lease payments are generally between the lowest bank and captive finance company. Our dealer reserve will always be among the most profitable, and will often include a flat.
You will find that Fusion Auto Finance’s experienced staff and easy processes make working with us a pleasure. Our lease contracts print in 8.5” x 11” format and can be easily downloaded in PDF format on this web page. Download and fax/mail back a completed Dealership Agreement (also available on this web page). We will then provide you with a Log In and password to gain access to our latest rate sheets. Our rate sheets are in an easy to print format and are regularly emailed and faxed to our dealership network.
Aside from being able to offer your customers the best lease product available, joining our dealership network can increase your sales volume. Fusion Auto Finance partners with many banks and credit unions that have internal direct lending, broker and fleet programs. As a member of our dealership network, your dealership will have opportunities to capture these sales.
Download and complete the Fusion Auto Finance Dealership Agreement below and fax it back completed to receive a Log In and password to our rate sheets. Overnight or mail the completed hardcopy, and we will notify you immediately when your dealership can begin to offer The Full Circle Lease.

Fusion Auto Finance Dealership Agreement, http://www.fusionautofinance.com/fusiondealeragreement.pdf

Fusion Auto Finance Lease Contract, http://www.fusionautofinance.com/fusionleasecontract.pdf

Fusion Auto Finance Retail Balloon Contract, http://www.fusionautofinance.com/fusionretailcontract.pdf