What if I have outstanding payments and other charges due to the credit union?

All remaining payments and any other charges due to the credit union must be paid prior to returning your lease vehicle. If you are discussing a new vehicle with a dealer and have payments remaining, all payments and charges must be made to the credit union before taking delivery of any new vehicle.


Where do I return my leased vehicle?

Fusion Auto Finance and your credit union have exclusive Vehicle Return Centers in Farmingdale, New York and Lebanon, New Jersey. Auction return locations are located in Clifton Park, New York (Albany area) as well as three locations near Boston, Massachusetts. Please call (866) 870-8015 prior to the lease expiration to schedule your return at the nearest place.


Why do I return my lease vehicle to the Vehicle Return Center and not a dealership?

You remain responsible for the condition of your leased vehicle until it is in the possession of Fusion Auto Finance, the titled owner. The Vehicle Return Centers were created exclusively for credit union members to protect you from being responsible for any damage that might occur to the vehicle at the dealership before it is transported to Fusion.


What should I have with me when returning my vehicle?

All sets of keys; vehicle owner’s manual; vehicle maintenance books; full spare tire; tire jack and tools; rear cargo cover (if applicable); tech items such as SIMS Card, rear entertainment headphones, portable navigation system or disc (if applicable).


How do I pay any excess mileage and any excess wear and tear?

At the final vehicle inspection, you will be provided a detailed inspection report and a billing invoice for a vehicle disposition fee, as well as for any excess mileage, and wear and tear. State sales tax is also due on any billed amounts. Members returning their lease vehicle at either of our Vehicle Return Centers are eligible for a 10% convenience discount off any excess mileage, and wear and tear if paid at the time of vehicle return.

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