Fusion Auto Finance thanks you again for leasing your vehicle with the CU Xpress Lease program. We hope you enjoyed driving it. Through your credit union’s partnership in this leasing program, Fusion is the titled owner of the vehicle and will coordinate the lease end process and the return of your leased vehicle. As the maturity date of your lease approaches, please review your responsibilities regarding your leased vehicle. It is important to know that you have three distinct options available as you reach the end of the lease term:

Purchase Your Vehicle

If all lease payments and any other charges have been paid to your credit union, you can purchase your leased vehicle for the residual value plus the purchase option fee and sales tax on the total purchase (per your lease agreement). Please contact a Fusion lease buyout specialist at (866) 870-8015, or leasebuyouts@fusionautofinance.com.

Extend Your Lease

If you would like to continue driving your current leased vehicle, you may be eligible to extend your original lease term by up to 36 months. To discuss lease extension options and available terms, please contact a Fusion lease maturity advisor at (866) 870-8015.

Return Your Vehicle

If you choose not to purchase or extend your leased vehicle, you must return your vehicle to a designated Fusion Vehicle Return Center. When you turn in your leased vehicle, its overall condition will be evaluated for any excess mileage, and wear and tear. Please see below for important information regarding the return of your leased vehicle.


Inspection of Your Leased Vehicle
To schedule an appointment on, or before your scheduled lease expiration date, please contact our remarketing department at (866) 870-8015. The inspection will assess the condition of your leased vehicle by utilizing Fusion’s “No Surprises” Excess Wear & Tear Policy. A summary of this policy is sent to you ninety (90) days before the lease expiration date and is also available here.

You remain responsible for the condition of your leased vehicle until it is in the possession of Fusion Auto Finance, the titled owner. Your vehicle insurance and license plates must remain in place until Fusion has taken delivery of your vehicle at one of our Vehicle Return Centers. Fusion representatives will remove your license plates, and have you sign an odometer statement to complete the vehicle return. If you are considering returning your vehicle to a dealer or another location other than a Vehicle Return Center, call Fusion immediately at (866) 870-8015. Fusion can arrange a pickup of your leased vehicle, but a transit fee may be required.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.