CU Xpress Lease is the number one leasing program for credit unions with a portfolio in excess of $5.2 billion and 145,000 vehicles. The turn-key program generates a solid return on investment, delivers high member satisfaction, and guarantees 100% residual value at lease maturity. Through the program, credit union partners see higher quality applicants (750 average FICO Score) and look-to-book ratios (60% average).

GrooveCar has been providing full-service automotive loan growth solutions to credit unions since 1999. GrooveCar focuses on building strong, lasting relationships with credit union partners by ensuring they can capture loan volume without compromising the quality and integrity of their portfolio. GrooveCar’s knowledge of the industry, combined with an expansive dealer network surpassing 4 million vehicles, enhances the ability of credit union partners to secure loans while offering the guidance and knowledge that their members seek.

GrooveCar Direct allows credit union partners to engage and connect with their car shopping members by offering a customizable auto shopping platform that caters to their needs. Through the platform, partners are able to drive new loans and cross-sell opportunities. With over 250 credit union partners across the country, GrooveCar Direct’s platform is easy to implement and completely scalable.

Novak Motors is an independent, pre-owned auto dealer with licenses and locations in Bedford, Texas, Lebanon, New Jersey, and Farmingdale, New York. Since 2007, Novak has served as the resale dealer of lease vehicles for Fusion developed lease portfolios and select financial partner portfolios. Novak hosts exclusive credit union member-only sales events at its dealership locations, providing a positive, no-haggle sales environment along with special credit union finance and lease rates.

EndTrust has created a new lane in the national repossession, remarketing, and lease-end management services industries. Through a partnership with technology providers Vendor Transparency Solutions and My Recovery System, EndTrust provides a complete menu of compliance, training, and inventory management service offerings.

Leasing Strategies, LLC, is an automotive industry analysis firm that provides objective, fact based analysis and modeling of current and future vehicle market values, helping to position domestic, European, and Asian brand automotive clients to design and implement leasing strategies which compliment sales and profitability objectives. Customized analyses and tools are tailored to the needs of the client and consider competitive positioning, product mix, and return on investment requirements. Additionally, Leasing Strategies provides services that assist in monitoring the financial risk inherent in managing automotive portfolios in an environment of volatile resale values.